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    Hello ladies. I'm currently BF my 8 month old son. My husband and I went on vacation (without the LO) for 5 days. I pumped and got good results until the last day. Today, I got my LO back and tried to nurse him as soon as I was with him. I didn't feel any letdown at all. My breasts are soft like after i nursed and don't seem to be "filling up" I had to give him a bottle to get him to sleep. Not sure what to do. I'm really determined to get to the one year mark. Please help.

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    Hi, even if you don't feel a letdown you should hear active swallow and suck noises from bb.
    If you haven't been bf for 5 days give your body a second to get back into the swing of things. Not feeling like your breasts have milk doesn't reflect whether they actually do or not. Your breast may store milk all through the breast tissue which can extend upwards to the armpit ( I believe) They also always have milk in production.
    Not sure you have enough? Start nursing every two hours- you'll be up and running in no time!

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