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    I think that my baby and I have thrush... gross! His bottom has red spots all over it, and my nipples are burning. I talked to the nurse at my ped office, and she said to put anti-fungal cream on his bottom and my nipples (and to wash it off when I feed him). Does this sound right? I am new to breastfeeding (and motherhood!), and have had one problem after another... I just want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing!

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Insist on getting Nystatin cream for both of you. It doesn't need to be washed off before bfing.

    Also, if baby has a yeast rash, especially with dots of it on his body, then Diflucan would be appropriate.

    Thrush demands very aggressive treatment when it affects the breastfeeding relationship.

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    Thrush isn't indicative of poor hygene or anything like that -

    The above poster is correct in that it does usually warrant agressive therapy/treatment.

    Please check out this link with more info on thrush

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    I have this saved in word as it has been invaluable to many breastfeeding mothers on this site. Thrush is quite common (not that it makes it any less frustrating)


    •Eat yogurt every day. The acidophilus in yogurt is a healthy bacterium that helps restore natural balance in your digestive system and can keep yeast in check. You can also give your infant one teaspoon of liquid acidophilus twice daily.
    •Keep your nipples clean and dry. Prevent dry, cracked skin, which can harbor yeast and bacteria and lead to thrush or even mastitis.
    •Keep yourself and your baby healthy. Avoid antibiotics, which can kill off healthy bacteria, too, causing Candida to grow unchecked.
    •Ensure proper positioning while nursing to avoid trauma to the nipple.


    If you are suffering from thrush, here are ten ways to clear it up right now.
    •Yeast hates sun; sunbathe a couple of times every day.
    Take LOTS of acidophilus (both mother and baby). It is very safe. Check with your health food store's experts on recommended doses.
    •Use Lansinoh or other breast ointment to heal cracks, thereby decreasing your risk of infection.
    •Give baby liquid acidophilus twice daily.
    •Rinse your nipples after each feeding with a mixture of one cup of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
    •Warm soaks with paper towels can soothe irritated nipples.
    •Dispose of paper towels after each use.
    •Boil nipple shields, pacifiers and chew toys separately for 20 minutes after each use.
    •Do not save expressed milk during this time. You can re-infect by using tainted milk.
    •Wash bath towels in bleach after each use and never share your towel. Do not rub your nipples with towels.
    •Treat mother and child together. If you can clear up everyone at the same time, your chances of recurrence are significantly lower. Expect to treat for 14 days AFTER symptoms have gone, as it can come back very easily. Stubborn cases of thrush may need stronger treatment, such as Diflucan. Nystatin isa typically a doctors first course of treatment, but not very effective.

    A great treatment for LO's bottom is to apply a monistat or a lotramin cream. This will help better than any other diaper ointment in clearing up the yeast before it gets painful for LO.

    HTH! You can PM me if you have any other ?'s
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    Gentian Violet

    OTC-just ask your phamacist for it

    it does stain so be careful of yours and baby's clothing but you coat baby's mouth and let baby nurse which coats your nipples and it clears it right up without a trip to the doctor or a prescription.

    And everyone's hubby's enjoy the purple nipples for a day or two

    I had resistant yeast with baby #2 and it was the only thing that would clear it up.

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