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Thread: Help Need Sleep!!

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    Okay so ds is almost 8 months old and is worlds best nurser... unfortunatly I have "spoiled" him (I know you can't really spoil them, but you know what I mean) and now he won't fall asleep without the boob. Once he is asleep he won't stay asleep unless I (just me, not daddy, not Gandma, just me) am laying next to him. I think it is a smell thing now, because he'll sleep away from the boob, but not away from me. I have been working on getting him into his own room at night and am at a loss. I can't bear to hear him cry. I tried letting him cry for a few minutes and I started crying myself (DH thinks Im a nut). I really would like him to start sleeping through the night in his own bed. I want ours back. (okay dh wants it back, I actually enjoy the cuddling, but understand where he is coming from). I can't stand to listen to him cry. How do I go about getting him there gently without making him hate bedtime? Please help!!!!! I forgot to say, that he really doesn't nurse much at night. Really only for comfort. I would like him night weaned to. He is 20lbs now and a big boy. He started on solids. 2xs a day with different cereal mixed with fruit.
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    A few ideas:

    1. A little lovey blanket for him. Sleep with it under your nightshirt a couple nights so it smells like you. Encourage him to cuddle with, especially while you're nursing during the day. Have him cuddle with it when you with him sleep at night. We have one that has a little bell inside a teddy bear's head that's attached to the blanket. I thougt the jingling might become a familiar comforting sound and I think it has.

    2. Get him familiar with his crib if he's never spent much time there. Put him in there during the day with some toys and stay and play with him.

    3. Work on naps first for the sake of your own sanity. It's much easier to be patient and stick things out during the day.

    Once he's attached to a lovey and familiar with his crib, I'd try nursing/rocking to sleep in a chair and then laying him down asleep. If he wakes you might let him fuss for a few minutes before picking him up, he might go back to sleep. If not, try again for as many times as you feel comfortable. Hopefully after a few days he'll get the hang of it and then you can work on nights. I imagine he might start waking more often during the night at first.

    This is the type of stuff that helped with our sleep issues.

    Sleep problems are hard- hang in there

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    You may also want to try putting his crib in your room at first, that way he can still smell/hear you. After getting him to sleep in the crib in your room, then move it to his room (You may need to sleep in his room a few nights until he gets used to it.) Then slowly start working on leaving the room (go back if he cries for x amt of time. Gradually he will start sleeping in his room without you.
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