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Thread: New job - i may have to stop pumping

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    Default New job - i may have to stop pumping

    I start a new job in november when my child will be 5 months old. at my present job i can pump two times a day. but with this new job i don't know how it will be. i suspect i will be watched and may not get the freedom/space to pump. lunch time is a good time to meet and greet and so going home to nurse or locking myself away may not been wise. i will be managing a team and time must be spent being visible and available right?

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    Default Re: New job - i may have to stop pumping

    Well I'd love to offer some support/assistance regarding the pumping issue but I'm not sure of your question
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    Default Re: New job - i may have to stop pumping

    I guess if I was starting a new job I'd be up front with my boss & close coworkers and say that I pump for my LO's food on my own time. And make sure to let everyone know that I will be getting all my required work done and pulling my weight as a team.

    I currently pump in my office with the door closed using a hands-free bustier, so I pump while working and if needed pump during conference calls. Nobody has ever noticed or commented.
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    Default Re: New job - i may have to stop pumping

    Why not try to fit in your breaks that you are entitled to. Tell your new boss asap that you pump and it is important that you be able to continue. Make sure they know it does not interfere with your job at all. I myself am only able to pump twice a day and it really does not take me too long at all.

    I'm voting that you stick with pumping!

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    Default Re: New job - i may have to stop pumping

    Sure, you need to be involved with your team, but you have a right to provide the best nutrition for your baby, and your new working environment should respect that. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you bring it up that they will be accommodating. You will miss less days if you continue to pump and bf because your child will be sick less often etc. Something to consider too is that you are setting a good example for any women you come into contact with, and helping your new company be sensitive to the needs of its female workers.

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    Default Re: New job - i may have to stop pumping

    mummy, isksam, mummy2kayla
    great points.
    i do so enjoy knowing that i am providing round the clock nourishment for my child.
    maybe i'm being a bit timid.
    i like the point about setting an example for women.
    they did ask aboutmy children in the interview. although an office has lots of women, sometimes it doesn't mean you'll get the support you need. i just don' t know what it will be like not having to start a new job. but i'll speak to HR when i get there............thanks for your thoughts.

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