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Thread: Was stupid, took suppressing meds, wish I hadn't.

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    Default Was stupid, took suppressing meds, wish I hadn't.

    Had my little one the 23rd of May, took the milk suppressing meds on the 25th, wishing I hadn't at this point.

    I'm fine bottle feeding, no problem with it, but my little one has colic and I tried to nurse her a couple of days ago when I had a tiny bit of milk left with positive results to the colic, so I thought I'd continue.

    Apparently the milk that I had was all that was left because I haven't been able to produce anything noticeable when I hand express and right now I don't have access to a pump and my little one, while she isn't opposed to trying to nurse, won't have anything to do with it if she isn't getting anything from it. As long as she was getting a little milk, she was willing to nurse. Now, though... no way!

    Question is, is there a way to counteract the medication that I took? I don't know what it is called, I saw the name, but forgot what it was.

    For me what is most important is that my little one is fed and happy. How she gets fed isn't the most important thing to me. If the breastfeeding helps with the colic, though, I'm willing to give it another try.

    I was unable to nurse my first baby, which is partially why I didn't give it much thought this time when I was having trouble. I have both PCOS AND tubular breasts, talk about a double whammy for nursing! It really isn't that much of an issue to me, though, like I said. I just really want to do what helps my little one not have a tummy ache. I know that nursing is no guarantee, but I'm at least willing to give it another shot IF I can.

    Any help or suggestions welcome! I am trying to offer her the breast at every feeding, but my little one is no dummy... after a few momentss of trying and getting nothing she says thank you, but no, give me my dinner... LOUDLY, and refuses to nurse any further, so she's not much help!

    At least I don't have stupid babies .... she knows enough when she's not getting anything to go for the bottle when it isn't working otherwise!

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    Default Re: Was stupid, took suppressing meds, wish I hadn't.

    Congrats on your little one!! I am amazed they even gave you the milk suppressing medications. Most places don't anymore! Anyways, get yourself a hospital-grade pump and get to work. Even if you can only bring in a minimal supply, every drop counts. Contact the hospital and see if they rent out pumps. If not, check another hospital or get in contact with your local W.I.C. program. Also, some local LLL groups and lactation consultants can rent you pumps or sell them at reduced prices.

    One tool that will help your little one get the hang of nursing without getting frustrated is a nursing supplementer. They run about $40-60. Since your little one isn't opposed to latching on, you should have good luck with this. Also, the stimulation of her sucking will further help bring back your milk.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    Default Re: Was stupid, took suppressing meds, wish I hadn't.

    I am so impressed that you want to give this a shot for your dd!

    I would highly suggest getting in touch with an LLLL and/or IBCLC. Relactation should not be extremely difficult at this point, but an SNS (supplemental nursing system) and hospital-grade rental pump would both be extremely important and helpful right now.

    Check here to find a local Leader:


    She should also be able to help you find a board-certified lactation consultant as well.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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    Default Re: Was stupid, took suppressing meds, wish I hadn't.

    I was surprised they offered me the meds, too. They didn't with my first baby.

    I'm in northern Europe, so they do things a little different here than they do in the US.

    She just latched on for a marathon (for us, at least) session of about 45 minutes total, spread between both breasts, so maybe I'm getting somewhere. I can hand tiny drops and I know that her mouth is more efficient than anything I could do with my hands, sooooo... maybe it's coming back... who knows!

    Checked with the midwife here yesterday and there is nothing they will give me medically to reverse this, which kind of sucks, but oh well.

    If she continues to show interest I will contact the hospital and rent a pump from them. I know that I can do that, no problems there!

    Thanks for the advice!

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