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Thread: lenth of feedings??

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    Default lenth of feedings??

    i have a 2 month old who eats for about 30 mins. now i know that the length is normal for her age. but for those with older babies how long does it take you to nurse? just so i can get an idea of where we will be in a few months.


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    Default Re: lenth of feedings??

    my son is 16 mo old and its takes all of 5 minutes - generally. If he's kinda clingy or sleepy, he'll take longer.

    Edited to add that he does take longer when we're nursing down for map/night time.
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    Default Re: lenth of feedings??

    DS is 7 months today! When I nurse him to sleep it'll take about that, but feeds are normally 10 minutes, maybe 15.

    I think by about 4-5 months he was feeding much quicker.

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    Default Re: lenth of feedings??

    he nurses for under three minutes in the day except at nap times when he'll nurse for a half and hour+
    During the night he nurses more frequently for longer.

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    Default Re: lenth of feedings??

    my boy is almost 4 months---
    nursing lengths seem to vary.
    if he's nursing to nap/sleep, they're extended (anywhere from 15-25 minutes), but if he's just having a snack or meal, he finishes in about 5-7 minutes.
    i think it also depends on the frequency of feedings. my boy still eats about every 2-3 hours, and sometimes he'll "snack" between those main meals.
    that said, he's always been a pretty quick eater.
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