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    When is goat milk appropriate to give? (the condensed kind)

    I have a ton of it form puppy raising. I thought it might be better to give goat milk than juice? (Like 1 oz per day, not every day, and not a substitution for bm).

    DS is almost 7 months old.

    For occassional supplementation, is goat milk better than formula? Gma watches DS for an hour or two once a week. On the chance this hour or so comes at a mealtime, is there any reason why it would be preferable for him to have a bit of goat milk rather than formula? I was thinkng that he has to work harder to drink from a sippy so he doesn't get as much. Then he won't be too full to nurse when I pick him up. Does that make sense?

    I'm off to Google to se if I can dig up some answers there. TIA!

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    towards the end of my pumping career, i was not pumping enough milk for livy-monster and she would not drink any of the types of formula we had tried supplementing with. a nutritionist/ex-lactation consultant suggested that we use goat's milk. according to her, goat's milk is closer in content to breast milk than any other animal milk available, and it is easier for a baby to digest than cow's milk. livy-monster was about 10 months at the time...you might want to drop a call to the doc. my biggest concern was my lo's ability to digest the milk well without it giving her a belly ache.

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    It's true that goat's milk is closer to breast milk but even if it's goat's milk it's still milk, like cow milk, that could not be digested. The LO is supposed to be 1 year to drink other kind of milk. I give goat's milk to my LO (in creams and cereals) but she's 14 months. Ask your dr

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    Goats' milk contains less lactose, so is less likely to trigger lactose intolerance. The milk is naturally homogenized since it lacks the protein agglutinin. The curd is much smaller. The milk also has a more similar makeup (percentage of fats, etc.) to human milk than cows milk. For these reasons, goats' milk may be recommended for infants and people who have difficulty digesting cows' milk. Here's a good link with lots of info on it.

    That being said it is not recommended for children under one year of age.


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    heres some more info about goats milk...
    at 7 months maybe a few bites of bannana would be beter then a bottle of milk.


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