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Thread: silly question about peanuts

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    Default silly question about peanuts

    this may seem like a silly question but I just want to make sure...

    is it ok to eat peanuts/peanut butter? i want to make sure if I eat peanut products it doesn't mean my ds will get peanut allergy.

    also, can I eat sushi? thanks!

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    Default Re: silly question about peanuts

    I think no sushi is only when you are pg.

    Most mama's can eat peanuts with no problem. You would want to avoid them if you have a family allergy to peanuts or if you notice that your LO seems fussy when you eat them.

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    Default Re: silly question about peanuts

    Good question. I had the same one. When I was home with my DD I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch everyday. I started to get concerned, though, because of all the issues with peanut allergies, so I asked my pediatrician. She said it should not be a problem, especially since I don't have family history, but she did lecture me a bit about eating the same thing every day. (not exactly good nutrition!)
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    Default Re: silly question about peanuts

    Most babies do fine with what mom eats-some babies do have sensitivites to certian things in mom's diet though-but eating peanut products should not cause your baby to develop an allergy

    my 1st son-
    I ate anything I wanted any thing at all
    with baby #2 I had alist of thingsa mile long I couldn't eat!

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