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Thread: Do you use a monitor?

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    Default Re: Do you use a monitor?

    We use a monitor when DD is sleeping and we're not in bed yet. (She sleeps in a crib in our room.) I feel better knowing I can hear every peep.

    I think all babies are different, so some probably sleep better in their own rooms, and some sleep better with mom and dad. Some are bothered by night noises and some aren't. Some parents are bothered by monitor noise (I am sometimes) and some aren't. Whatever sleep solution gets ALL of you the best sleep is what you should go with.

    I tried putting Haley in her own room around 3 months, and I actually think she woke more often for a while. She did eventually get used to it, but she also hit a growth spurt at the same time. I couldn't handle the constant running back and forth between rooms for all the night wakings. I still find it's easier for me to have her close, even though I get up to feed her. So until she starts waking less at night, she's staying in our room.

    Quote Originally Posted by JJ Dyno-mite View Post
    The hardest part is missing her closeness.
    This too. It was hard for me to move her from our bed to a bassinet. Then it was hard to "upgrade" from the bassinet (when she grew out of it) to the pack 'n' play, because it meant she was no longer teeny tiny. Putting her in the mini crib wasn't hard, because she was still right beside me. But about a month ago we moved her crib a few feet away from me. It took a few nights for me to get used to it. I missed being able to look at her whenever I wanted. But I think it's been good, and I think it will help us continue to make a slooooow transition into her own room, when we're ready.
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    Default Re: Do you use a monitor?

    We use a monitor. I sleep better being able to hear him. I can still tell the difference between his sleeping breathing and awake breathing with the monitor and we got a fairly inexpensive one.

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    We use a monitor but keep it on dh side and I wear earplugs! I used to hear every snort, sigh and whimper and it drove me nuts! We also tried co-sleeping (for about 1 week) but our lo seemed way too sensitive to sound so now she is in her crib in her room, way down the hall with teh door shut and a white noise machine. She sleeps great and so do we. The thing that saves us from running in every time is a video monitor. We have the Q-See brand from Costco and we love it! It does sound too but is too staticky so we use a separate sound monitor. I was disappointed for a while, I had visions of my lo snuggled up beside me but it just didn't work and honestly, she seems much happier on her own. Trust your gut, it sounds like it is driving you nuts to tiptoe around so get her into her own room.
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    Default Re: Do you use a monitor?

    We use the monitor so we can sit out back and BBQ after James has gone to bed, weather permitting

    Other than that, he's in our bed and the living room is right beside the bedroom so we can hear him without it.

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    Default Re: Do you use a monitor?

    We use a monitor when DD is sleeping and we are not in bed yet. (Also co-sleepers).
    This applies for us too, DS is 15 months and I still use it daily for bedtime and for naps. We are often in another part of the house and it would be hard to hear him through the other noises in the house ie: NPR constantly playing, sewing machine going full boar, etc.

    Ours has two modes, a constant noise stream, and then a voice activated. I like the voice activated now, when he was tiny I liked to hear every little breath! Now, I put it on the voice activated and I only hear it when he actually makes a noise such as a cough, babble, yawn, or cry.

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    No monitor. Our house is so small that you can hear everything from everywhere.
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    Default Re: Do you use a monitor?

    DH broke our monitor before DS was even borned, at first he promised to get new one, but since we have managed to survive without one for the past 10 months, he realized that we dont really need it .

    DS' crib is in our room upstairs. Whenever he's sleeping and we're downstairs, I always leave the door ajar so I can hear him when he cries. It hasnt been a problem. However, once we move DS out of our room, I'll definitely get one.

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