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Thread: Baby losing interest, need encouragement

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    Question Baby losing interest, need encouragement

    Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking for some support. I'm bf'ing my 3rd child. She's almost 7 months old which is just about the age when I stopped bf'ing my first two. I vowed this time that I would go longer and never give her formula (I thought I nurse longer the last time too). I now remember WHY I stopped nursing the other two. She seems to be losing interest and is very easily distracted. My older two are 3 & 4 and when I'm nursing around them, she is constantly pulling away to see what they are doing (they can be somewhat loud as most preschoolers are). Nursing elsewhere is not an option, as I cannot leave them downstairs and go upstairs. I also worry that she isn't getting much anymore, although I realize that this is probably untrue. I always feel empty and when I pump, either soon after nursing or sometime between feedings, I get almost nothing. I do realize that babies are efficient nursers and the body makes what is demanded of it but I still worry about what she's getting. She is being fed solids 3 times a day. I wonder if her feeding schedule is interfering? Is there an ideal feeding schedule for a 7 month old? Here is our schedule:

    7am Nurse
    8-8:30 cereal/fruit
    11 Nurse
    12-12:30 cereal/veggie
    3pm Nurse
    4:30-5 cereal/veggie or meat&veg combo
    7-7:30 Nurse

    Then she goes right to bed but still wakes at least once during the night for a feeding. I know she should be sleeping through the night by now but her crib is still in our room (hubby is almost finished renovating her room), and I think she will sleep better in her own room, hopefully by the end of this week.

    Anyway, sorry this is so long but I'm just hoping for some encouragement to continue nursing for at least a year, maybe longer. I don't know if her schedule is good or if there is something else I can do to keep going. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Default Re: Baby losing interest, need encouragement

    hi...try to get some more nursing sessions, even if they are short..

    It is recomened to nurse before giving solids, I mean nurse and imediately after give the solids...milk is still the most important food that small babies need....

    I think that 4 nursing sessions is little.....try to get 5-6 during the day...even if they are short your baby will receive more milk....

    My baby is the same....although I dont have any more children, he gets distracted looking out the window....ect, sometimes I try the side lying position to get him more relaxed and he goes on his tummy!!!! and nurses on his tummy, babies at 7 months go crazy with their new skills and forget to feed....we just have to insist....

    I dont think formula is the solution, remember, babies are very clever and can drink huge amounts of milk in only a few minutes!!
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    Default Re: Baby losing interest, need encouragement

    I too have a very distractable baby. I am lucky if I can get 5 or 6 nursing sessions from him over the course of a day. He is sometimes hungry once in the night, but no more than that now he is in his own crib in his own room. I still really feed him when he's sleepy, either dropping off or waking up. But when he nurses during the day I just have to encourage him to stay on for as long as possible. Once he unlatches, there is just no getting him back on.
    I'm with you!!!
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    Default Re: Baby losing interest, need encouragement

    Hi a big hug for you! My dd is just passed 6 months now and I struggle to get a full feeding from her during the day. She is very distracted. And form what I have read, it's quite normal for them at this age! I nurse when it's her sleep time during the day so she falls asleep at the breast. Then I express to keep my supply up. I try to make a game of nursing when she's awake! Sometimes it works well other times she'll just look at me as if I'm crazy! But she nurses well at night.(catching up for all the missed nursing for the day!) Just hang in there I'm sure it gets better again!!!

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    You might try offering more frequently. Hang in there with BFing, though! DS was very distractable when he was that age, but he's still nursing like a champ at 20 months. We had some rough months, but then nursing became more enjoyable for us again. He has actually started nursing sometimes again when we are out of the house which he hasn't done in over a year!

    Don't worry about the night feeding at all! She has to get her calories at some point, and right now, that means eating at night, too. I honestly think that DS needed his night nursing until he was well over a year. He still night nurses, but it's not as much and I don't think it's as much for nutritional value anymore.

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    Default Re: Baby losing interest, need encouragement

    DS is 8 months old and very easily distracted. I actually noticed that he didn't nurse as much once we started solids. Since I feel it was more important for him to get BM then solids I only feed him solids 2x a day. That helped get him to nurse more. Solids are really just to get babies use to different tastes and textures, not so much for nutrition at this point. BM is still the best nutritional source for your baby so maybe cut out a feeding or make one more snack size then a meal.
    Have you tried a nursing necklace? Those are good at entertaining baby while at the breast so she might stop looking around so much. Other then that just hang in there. Between 6-9 months is the when babies seem to change the most, all the sudden the can move where they want and notice more of the world around them. How can eating compare to all that exploration You can reach your goal, I know it. All it takes is a little patience (I don't know where we get it all from), things will get easier

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