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Thread: Problem With Spitting Up

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    Default Problem With Spitting Up


    My baby is two weeks old, and she seems to be spitting up quite often (my first child wasn't a "spitter," so I'm not sure what is normal. She'll nurse on the first side for about ten minutes before coming off. When I try to burp her, I either can not get a burp out of her, or she will burp and all her milk will come up with it. This does not happen at every feeding but seems to be happening at least once a day with smaller spit ups throughout the day as well (although the burping is always a problem). Sometimes, she will bring up her milk before I even get her positioned to burp.

    Should I take her off more frequently and try to burp her? Is there a good way to elicit a burp yet keep her milk down (I either sit her up on my lap or hold her over my shoulder). Any advice is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Problem With Spitting Up

    I have a very spitty and barfy little girl, almost 10 weeks old. It was SO wierd to get used to but it was exactly as you describe and hasn't let up yet.

    Waterfalls, projectile vomiting sometimes, spits up during feedings while even latched on, often before I get her up to burp, when I lay her down to change her after holding her upright for 30 minutes following a feeding. .. I could go on!!

    As long as she is happy and gaining, I have forced myself to not stress. It is still very troubling at times to see but I just watch her laugh and smile as she covers herself in barf, which makes me laugh. Not much has helped minimize it, but we try to keep her upright after eating as best we can. That at least helps us feel better

    Good luck with the laundry

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    Default Re: Problem With Spitting Up

    Some suggestions for helping with the spitting up... You can try to nurse in a more upright position, like a football hold or a modified cradle where the head is definitely in a higher position than the feet (as opposed to level). You may also want to try to not move the baby for a few moments to let the milk settle in the tummy.

    I'm with the previous responder... If the baby is gaining weight and has enough wet and dirty diapers, it's more of a laundry problem than a medical problem...

    But, you may want to discuss it with your pediatrician just to be sure that it's not reflux.


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