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Thread: drastic decrease in supply.

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    Thumbs down drastic decrease in supply.

    hi ladies. baby in hasnd excuse typos. three days ago i noticeda drastic decrease in supply and sore nipples. i have had one pp period and assume this is another af. i did have some cm about 12 days ago so its coming, but when and how long do i have to deal with a baby thats constantly nursing but never satisfied i thinkj she ate constantly last nigh. i have some pre period signs but no af, i have tried oatmeal and dont really notice a differemnce, to top it all off she bit me and it hurt, thats w/o teeth. she is about 6 mnths and doesnt eat solids readily once a week maybe a little more but not jars juyst u knoe a banana thats she plays with i dont think this is affecting my supply. im getting desperate like i was in beginning, she doesnt take a bottle, i think she forgot how to use it so formula ios out of the question. Any suggestions would be so awesome/hugs i just dont know whats going on i usually have too much milk

    thanks for reading you gals are awesome

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    Do you think it is a decrease, or an increase on her part? I think there is a growth spurt at 6 months which could lead to a higher demand.

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    If it's a growth spurt, it will pass and your supply will go up. If its AF, same thing. My supply goes way down for about 2 days prior to AF. Hang in there, it should go back up!

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    The PP's are correct this page might prove helpful
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeremijasMom View Post
    Do you think it is a decrease, or an increase on her part? I think there is a growth spurt at 6 months which could lead to a higher demand.
    Oh yes for the growth spurt at six months!!! It was the worse one we've had so far!!!! DD nursed every hour for three days!!! I felt as if all the juices in my body was sucked out!!!

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