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Thread: when to pump???

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    My 7 month old nurses 4-5 times a day (and eats solids 3x). I would like to pump to have a supply of frozen milk for when I'm not with her or just so DH or Grandma can feed her sometimes. I was wondering when is the best time to pump without disturbing the supply when dd nurses? Should I pump immediately after nursing or sometime in between feedings? A few months ago, I was pumping regularly (2x a day) between feedings and getting 2-3 ounces per session but then I stopped for whatever reason and now when I do it, I get almost nothing. I know that the more I do it, the more milk I will make but I just want to know when the best time to do it is? Thanks for any advice!


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    Before or after the first morning feed works great for many mothers.

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    You have the most milk in the morning usually, so that is good time. I tend to pump in the afternoon because I know DD will be taking a longer nap then. It was easier for me to consitently pump in the afternoon.

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