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Thread: DS gagged and then cried

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    I've been lurking a little on this thread -- DD is nearly 7 months and I've been holding back both the plastic bags and the solids...DH would like to give her "real" food but he also knows that he ain't gonna win the battle with me.

    All this gagging stuff is worrying me a bit and we haven't even tried yet! LO did try to grab food that was in front of her the other day; but it was salty, fatty and processed and there was no way I was going to let her.

    Ok, basically, just posting to people who don't think I'm crazy for ONLY BF her at this stage.

    Thanks for listening,
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    Quote Originally Posted by RABT View Post
    All this gagging stuff is worrying me a bit and we haven't even tried yet!
    Reena - Is there an infant CPR class nearby that you can take? My DS did lots of dramatic gagging when he fist started baby led solids, but we took and infant CPR class and knew the difference between gagging & choking and also knew exactly what to do if DS did choke, which I found very reassuring. There were several times early on where I was on the edge of my seat ready to grab DS and help him if he did choke, but he always managed to gag / cough out the food. Now he's a total pro and manages to eat a whole huge mouthful of food and at the end hand me things like a fruit skin he didn't want to swallow.

    ETA: No, I don't think you're crazy! But at some point your DD will end up getting her hands on some food
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