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Thread: Horrible pain, in tears.

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    It looks like you have some great advice here. I just wanted to send you lots of ******HUGS******. I had Mastitis twice the first few months of breastfeeding and it was absolutely horrible. I feel for ya mama Hang in there. You will get through this. I hope you feel better soon
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    If your GYN won't call in a prescription for you what about an after hours clinic? or some drug stores now have small clinics in the store?
    Doesn't it seem like these things always happen on the weekend?
    Can you pump too?
    Yes, even if it's a gymnastic feat try to position her chin or nose toward the lump. For future reference, if you have another busy day out and about when baby won't nurse enough, hand her off to hubby and go into the BR and hand expres.

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    How are you doing mama?

    Quote Originally Posted by LLL_Jolie View Post

    If all else fails, try dangle feeding. This is where you are on all fours above your baby, with your breasts hanging freely from your ribcage. When baby latches on from this position, your milk flow is assisted by gravity and the flow of milk isn't restricted by your position.
    That helped me tremendously, it feels funny but works wonders!...Keep us posted plz!

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