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Thread: What's wrong with my milk???

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    Default What's wrong with my milk???

    For the first time today I tasted my milk (yes after 10 months of making milk).
    I tried one that was kept in the fridge since yesterday (less than 24hrs), at first it tasted ok, but it had a horrible after taste: it tasted like vomit! Like someone had vomitted in my mouth!

    So I threw that one out and got one bottle which has been frozen for 4 days. Left it to thaw for 4 hours, and then tried that too. Again, like vomit! Then I pump a fresh bottle and tasted that, well that one's ok.

    What does this mean?? Have I been feeding spoilt milk to my baby? HELP!

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my milk???

    Here is a link on excessive lipase. My milk did the same thing except it tasted like pure dishwater. It was FOUL. Come to find out after I pumped, I had to scald the milk and then freeze it. Worked like a charm. I even accused my DH of not washing the bottles out good after cleaning them. I felt horrible. It's not uncommon. Many women on here have to scald their milk after pumping. HTH

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my milk???

    Is there any way of knowing if your milk does this without having to go through this unpleasant intro of milk tasting. Agh!

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    Default Re: What's wrong with my milk???

    I've read the same thing in kellymom website. Though I haven't tried it myself. I hope all the frozen milk I have already doesn't go to waste. It already seems like my fresh milk is going down the drain because my daughter hates the bottle.

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