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Thread: someone please help!!!!

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    Default someone please help!!!!

    My baby is 2.5 weeks old and my milk supply has totally vanished. its 10:15pm and my baby is frantic and hungry but when she sucks doesnt get anything...i've been nursing her on both sides for 3 hrs and NO MILK. someone please help. the lll leaders i've talked to in the past couple days arent answering their phones and i dont know what to do, i just want to give up...


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    If you start at the base of your areola, kind of pinch and squeeze down towards your nipple (like milking a cow) do you get anything out? If you can get anything out then odds are so is your baby. SHe could just be really hungry or going through a growth spurt. There were times when I was sure my breast were completely empty but after a few minutes I would have another letdown.

    How has you fluid intake been? Eating some oatmeal, drinking LOTS and LOTS of water can help boost supply if you feel you've decreased. Do you own a pump? It can help to pump after feedings to increase your milk supply. How has your supply been before this?

    As for right now if you think your baby isn't getting anything at all you can try taking baby into a warm bath to help stimulate letdown or put a really warm towel on your breast but keep it away from baby's head. You could also do breast compressions while nursing.
    mama. It's hard in the begining but don't give up. Try some of those suggestions and let us know what happens. Try to relax, being stressed out can hinder letdown.

    You can do this!!
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    Can you tell us why you feel like your baby is getting no milk? Mummy is correct that it is most likely a growth spurt- the first of many begins around 3 weeks old.
    Some details about your birth and babies weight ( after leaving hospital, and now )might be helpful too. It can be frightening when you feel like your baby isn't eating right. Its good that you are watching, and hopefully you can resolve this matter quickly.
    A good way to really tell if your baby is getting milk is to become conscious of how many wet diapers you are seeing. At 2 1/2 weeks you can expect 5-6 wet disposable diapers ( per 24 hours period) More if you use cloth.

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    How many wet/dirty dipes is the baby having? Right around 3 weeks is prime for their first growth spurt. They tend to hang on like monkies for these times. Here is some good info on growth spurts. Have you been straight BFing for these 2.5 weeks or have you been supplementing? Do you see any milk when you try to manually express? Like PP stated, it's not likely that if you've had milk before that you just "all of a sudden" dried up. We tend to get nervous though. BTDT. We just don't have oz marks on our boobs to help put us at ease. The hardest part about this whole process is trusting that your body will produce what it needs. HTH. Let us know if we can help any more.
    *at 2.5 weeks, I actually would not pump just yet. you could stimulate oversupply.*

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