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    I am very confused about this whole constipated/ frequency thing and really need some help here. The last few poops my David has had are not hard and dry they are soft/ pasty pea nut buttery, so that does not officially constitute as "constipation" I have read a ton about this, but am still totally missing something. My baby had not gone poo in seven days and then I gave him a little fleet supository thingy, the one you shoot up like an enema but it is called a supository.... anyway he has been having constipation/frequency problems like this since the intro of solids...rice cereal to be exact... abut a month and a half. I appreciated all the help about constipation, but now what about frequency? I know it is normal for a breast fed baby to go sometimes only once a week, but until now he had been eating fruits and veggies too, I am desperate and totally confused so I decided to pull him off of everything until we get back on track, so now we are just breast feeding again. The last few times he has gone it has been a supository. This can not be normal. To make matters worse his cousin has Herchsprungs (sp?) disease (colon disease) so I am totally freaking out, please help.


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    How old is baby???

    Relax EBF babies can go days w/o a BM, true. WHen solids are startied thing can change, and as long as the consistancy is soft, not hard and pellet like, then it's not constipation. If baby seems to have trouble going, the food may be causing abdominal discomfort/gas etcetera, but it's still not constipation.

    Hope that helps

    This page talks a little about offering water when one starts solids

    You can also offer different solids (a nice link with more resource links) - ie whole foods and see how baby takes to those.

    Here's a page to help determine how much ...
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    sorry baby is 7 mths, he is off of food now, but yes he has had trouble going... and he has a ton of gas! He drinks water every day and has for quite a while. How long is too long? Thanks for the links I will check them out!

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    It's usual for baby to constipate when he moves on to solids. Rice cereal, I have found particularly constipating for my son. So were bananas.

    It took a while (a month plus) after introducing solids for my son's stools to become regular (once every day). So 7 days without pooing seems long to me.

    You might try giving him the "p's" - prunes, pears, peas, peaches - at each meal. For my son, really ripe, juicy pears, watermelons, or honeydew/honey melons really helped to get things going. HTH.
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