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Thread: Still with green poops and a bit concerned

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    Default Still with green poops and a bit concerned

    So, despite whatever changes I'm making, 7-week-old Anja is still having green poops. I'm confident this is a letdown problem...I've been pumping a few minutes at the beginning of each feeding (suggested by lactation consultant), spraying into a cloth during the feeding as needed, not switching sides, keeping her to one side for up to 2 hours. The only thing I haven't really tried is lying down while nursing because I've been having some swelling in my wrists which causes a lot of pain when trying to hold my 13 lb baby (plus, how do you do that out in public???). She seems fine...eats every 2-3 hours, seems in a good mood most of the time, has some gas, burps after eating. But still with green poops...some yellow, mostly green. And some are kind of mucousy. My dh occasionally gives her a bottle of bm at night so I can get some extra sleep; says she chokes and wheezes some through that, but he thinks he might not be holding her upright enough.

    I'm open to suggestions. My pediatrician told me her poops were green because of my diet and seemed to disregard my suggestion that it was a milk issue. We're going to a different ped for her 2-month check-up in a couple of weeks. I realize that green poops are within the range of normal, but this consistently? I'm a little worried.

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    Default Re: Still with green poops and a bit concerned

    You are right that green poops can be well within the range of normal. And they can remain consistently so until milk supply adjusts/baby gets older.

    If everything else seems ok and you wish to let it go that would be reasonable. If dd seems ok otherwise, then it may just be normal for her right now.

    You could try lengthening your block feedings to 3 hours stretches and see what happens.

    There are some good articles here:


    Keep us posted.

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