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Thread: A surprising big bite of chicken at 10 months

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    Default A surprising big bite of chicken at 10 months

    So tonight for dinner, DH and I were having one of those rotisserie chickens and some salad. I had been giving DD (10 months, with only 2 teeth) little strings of chicken and she was eating it up. Then I started playing with her by putting a big "slab" of chicken on my fork and pretending to feed it to her. DH and MIL got a kick out of seeing how she opened her mouth for the huge bite. Then I tried to give her the bite and take it away again, but she bit off a huge bite! lol. I guess she wanted more chicken than the little strings I was giving her. :P The bite wasn't all that huge by normal standards, but it was definitely a decent mouthful for my tiny girl.
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    That is great! My gal is 8 months and seems to be wanting bigger bites too. She is just getting her first 2 teeth right now. Do you have a handhels food chopper? I use that to chop her food and it is a perfect size. I got mine from bed bath and beyond for $10-$15. I use it every day! Funny story, thanks for sharing!
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    That's cute! My 10 month old just had her first chicken leg for the first time yesterday. She peeled all the skin off and took five or six little bites from it. She loved being able to hold it by herself!

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