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Thread: he has stopped drinking milk!

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    Default he has stopped drinking milk!

    DS just turned 10mo and has been taking very little milk since. He used to take between 13-16oz during the day, and wakes up 3-5x at night. But 2 days ago, he only drank 4oz during the day, yesterday 3oz and today 3oz. He still wakes up at night, but I dont know how much he's getting as we BF during the night. I suspect maybe around 10oz total at night. Is this enough?? Why is he doing this? Its bad enough that he refuses to BF during the day (heartbreaking!) and now he refuses milk altogether? (3oz dont really count). What should I do??? I had gone thru this before, when he was 4-5mth and decided to be a distractible baby. He was only taking about 6-8oz. But I have worked so hard to up that to 13-16oz. This is really frustrating. Tell me what I should do.
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    It may be that he's not feeling well and his appetite is down. Give him a day or two. Does he sound congested at all? But keep pumping keep your supply up. I hope this helps.

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