I agree with doing the breast compressions and what the other ladies have said. As for entertaining an older child...I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old. What i do is get him to bring books and we read while I am feeding the baby, when the baby was first born I had toys that we only for when I would nurse the baby so they were special and cool, this got him excited as he would "wait for the baby to eat to play with those", I would color with one hand, I played Uno with one hand, I built things with one hand, or I would save any TV time for ONLY when I was nursing ( I limit total time per day) and like one feed a day we would watch a movie he wanted or something in his room. Then he would go to bed and I would wait for baby to eat again and put the baby to bed. It gets better because baby doesn't always nurse so often or for so long. I also am a pro at NIP This way I can take my older one to the park, the playground etc and he can play while I nurse. Now my youngest is super fast and my older one just plays while the baby eats and is fine. I also talked a LOT to my older one when I was pregnant explaining the baby would do this or that. So when the baby was born I would say mommy is gonna feed the baby again did you know when you were a bab you ate all the time, and he would ask why or something and I would say cause you belly was so little you had to eat all the time, now when the baby gets to be a big boy like you he won't eat so much. He just seemed to understand. There were times he would chose to go play in his room or whatever. I kinda just went with the flow.

I hope that helps!!!