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    Help! My LO just had her 2 Mo. checkup. The doc says she is "doing great", but I have doubts. Mentally she seems fine and she seems to be meeting milestones....however she has gained about 1.5 pounds since birth, and no inches in height. Is this normal or should I question the doc!?!?!?

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    Your baby has gained about 4 ounces since her second week of life (when babies are expected to regain their birth weight). This is at the very bottom of what is considered the range of normal (and depending on whose model you're working from, it can even be considered below normal). That being said, your baby *is* gaining.

    As for the zero growth in length, that is surprising. Is your baby growing in head circumference? Any signs of growth at all?

    How do you feel about it? What does your mother instinct tell you?

    I definitely suggest talking to your pediatrician about your baby's growth patterns, or seeking a second opinion if you feel your doctor doesn't share your concerns.

    Here's some information about weight gain and growth:

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    If she is meeting all her mental milestones and seems fine I'd stay calm until the next check up and see how she progresses from there

    We as moms, worry too much about how our children measure up to other children. How "average" or "normal" they are-if you are doing your best to care for her and she seems healthy and happy-then step back and relax mom-you're doing a GREAT job at the hardest job in the world!!

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    If you are unsure ASK!!! I mean if everything is fine, then you will just get more reassurance. I alway ask when I am not sure if what they telling me "makes sense". I think sometime docs skip some talking becasue of time and because it's "common knowledge" to them, and it may not be to us. Ask why does he/she think that her not growing in length is ok...
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