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Thread: Bruised and Cut Nipple

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    Unhappy Bruised and Cut Nipple

    Somehow (probably from my son pinching my nipple so often.....maybe )
    I have gotten a bruised and cut nipple. Is there anything I should do to help it heal, and should I go see my doctor?


    (i am also new to the board )

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    Default Re: Bruised and Cut Nipple

    First off -- Welcome!!!

    Times when I have had minor nicks, etc. I have just made sure it was cleaned off with water then I put some lanolin on it. It got better within a few days. Do you have lanolin on hand? If you are using nursing pads make sure you change them frequently.

    Yet, I am not sure how brised or cut your nipple is... but if you are very worried about it you could go see your doctor...

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Bruised and Cut Nipple

    This information should be helpful:

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