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Thread: How long should each bf session last?

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    Default How long should each bf session last?

    DS is 9 days old. He averages about 20-25 minutes each session. Sometimes more, sometimes less, some times on one breast sometimes on both (25 min between both breasts). He will occasionally have one or two long sessions (20-25 min each breast). Is this normal? Also can he have too many dirty diapers? Today, for instance he did 7 wets and 9 poops. Normal? He had 10 feedings today. Thanks!

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    Default Re: How long should each bf session last?

    I don't believe you can have too many dirty diapers. Your feeding times sound ok. My DS wouldn't eat for more than 15 minutes.
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    Default Re: How long should each bf session last?

    My daughter nursed for 30-40 minutes...she was the "take your time" nurser. My son, however, never nursed for more than 15 minutes. As long as you don't have LESS than 4-6 wet/poppy diapers...you're good.

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    Default Re: How long should each bf session last?

    With a newborn, long nursing sessions and many dirty diapers are normal. Some babies will poop every time they eat.

    As time goes on, the pooping will slow down and the feeding will speed up. As your baby gets bigger and stronger, he'll be able to get his meals in much less time. Right now he's tiny, and nursing is a lot of work for him! Just get a good novel and or the tv remote and try to enjoy these long nursing sessions. Soon they will be a thing of the past.

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    Default Re: How long should each bf session last?

    every baby has it´s own time....mine would nurse up to an hour (he was a 34 week preemie)...and now at 8 months just nurses 15min.....trust your baby, he knows what he needs...

    Bout poop. during the first 3-4 weeks milk still has calostrum....that makes them poop alot....but you´ll see in time that the frecuency will go down...

    Milk over 1 month is different in it´s components and leaves little residue....almost all is absorbed by the intestines.....my baby went from pooping 6 times a day to pooping every 4 days (at 2 months old)....NOTE: this in not constipation, poop was always very soft and abundant...only not frecuent...this also is normal for bf babies....

    good luck!!! and let him nurse what he wants.....babies nurse because they are hungry (longer feed), thirsty (shorter feed) need comforting.....
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    Default Re: How long should each bf session last?

    Sounds like you are doing great! My lo takes 4 e.v.e.r. to nurse! I don't think she has ever nursed under 45 minutes & she is now 9.5 months. All babies are different. Mine, she is a gourmet eater. She savors every drop.

    As far as dirty diapers, we used to average about 10 a day.

    Your baby is normal and it sounds like you are doing a great job! Congrats on your new baby!

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