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Thread: Won't take a bottle!!!

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    I 100% breastfeed on the boob my baby. Monday I started feeling pretty bad and Tuesday I was in the hospital with a bad case of Mastisis. Since they had me on IVs and gave me some morphine I could not breastfeed for 6 hours. My baby would not take a bottle breastmilk or formula. She went almost 7 hours without food before I was able to feed her...

    Why is this and what should I do if there is an emergency and I can't be with her?


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    Sorry about the mastitis. Hope you are feeling better. How old is your LO?

    DD has had a bottle a few times and always took them with no problem. In about a week I am returning to school fulltime and we just discovered that now, suddenly, she won't drink milk from a bottle! Ah! Instead she throws a fit.

    You can try different types of bottles. First Years has a new 'breastflow' bottle that simulates let-down. There are some nipples that are more like a boob, like the Playtex drop-ins. You can also try other delivery methods. A sippy cup, a regular cup, a syringe. DD loves the eyedropper type medicine dispenser. A long process to feed her a whole meal with that thing but in a pinch, when they are refusing the bottle there are other things you can do.

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