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Thread: Best way to heat breastmilk?

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    Default Best way to heat breastmilk?

    I am starting back at work on Monday and am trying to figure out instructions for our babysitter. I am planning on pumping at work (have already been pumping once a day) and am wondering what is the best way to prepare a bottle of breastmilk? Is it better to heat the breastmilk in the storage container and then transfer to bottle or go ahead and pour in the bottle and then heat?? Also, what is the best way to heat the milk to ensure no antibodies are killed in the heating process? Running under warm faucet? bottle warmer? (I heard if it's too hot it can do this).

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    Hi there

    Here is an article you may find helpful:
    (scroll down a bit for thawing/warming instructions).

    I'm going to transfer your question to Milk Storage Questions so you can get the specific help you need!
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    I just sit in a hot tub for about 15 minutes and that warms it to about 105....oh, that's not what you meant. JUST KIDDING.

    This is what we've done in that past:

    fill a 2 c. measuring cup a little over half full with water.
    warm the water in the microwave for about 1:30
    sit the bottle in the cup of hot water and swirl it around until the milk feels neither cool or hot on the wrist.

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