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Thread: EBM for a 10 month old?

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    I am planning a long weekend trip without my LO in January, and she will be 10.5 months old the (she is 7.5 months now). I want to build up a freezer stash of EBM for her for while I am away, but I am not sure how much she will need per day . She has started solids and still nursing 7x a day. Can anyone tell me how much EBM their 10-month olds are taking per day? Thanks a lot-

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    I think it is different for different babies. It also depends on how much solids are being given. My ped said that DD (at 10 months) should be getting 24 ounces. I know they can eat up to 30-32 ounces in a 24 hour period though. My DD is one of the ones who likes to eat a lot!
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    My 10mo takes 3-4oz EBM per feeding (sometimes less). He takes the bottle 3-4x a day, and BF 3-5x during the night. I am guessing his BM intake total a day is about 20-24oz. Solids he takes about 8oz a day. But I suspect my LO is a small eater (and that he doesnt enjoy BM so much ).

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