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Thread: When to introduce cereal

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    Question When to introduce cereal

    The range for introducing the first solids is so broad (4-6 mo). Is it best to wait as long as possible or is 4 mo more typical?

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    Default Re: When to introduce cereal

    Actually, the newer recomendations are to wait until 6 mo for all solids including cereal. Not all babies are even ready by 6 mo, so you could wait until 7 or 8 mo if you feel this is right for your child. Healthy, full term infants can go 12 mo or even longer on mother's milk alone; babies do not need any solids for nutrition before 12 mo. However, since solids sould be introduced gradually, if you are planning on weaning at or around 12 mo, it would probably be a good idea to start solids at least a couple of months before that, kwim? lol

    If your family has a history of any kind of alergies, it is probably best to hold off on solids longer to reduce the risk of your baby developing food alergies.

    Oh, and there is also no reason to start with cereal. You could start with sweet potato, squash, avacado, banana, peaches, pears...

    Here is LLL's faq on starting solids:

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