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    i am getting a sore throat, which tells me that I'm getting a cold. I definately don't want to get a cold, because when I get them they last several weeks and are very nasty. Before i was pregnant i used to take zinc and vitamin c supplements when I would get sick, but when I was pregnant I read up some and decided it was probably not a good idea to overload on those things in pregnancy. I'm wondering now if I can go back to this regimen now that my baby is born, but I am breastfeeding him. Does anyone know if it is safe to take extra zinc and vitamin c while breastfeeding? OR does anyone know at what amount these things can be bad?


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    " Most mineral supplements (e.g., iron, calcium, copper, chromium, zinc) taken by the mother do not affect breastmilk levels.
    Water soluble vitamin supplements (e.g., B vitamins, vitamin C) taken by the mother usually increase breastmilk levels. Breastmilk levels of some water soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, only increase up to a certain point, then remain steady – even if mom increases her dose."

    you can read the whole page here

    or find more in one of the other pages:

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    Vitamin C is safe for infants. I take it, along with echinacea when I feel something coming on, and give them both for my daughter as well. They're actually good for babies when fighting something, or prior to a vaccination. I like Truly Natural because the C comes from all natural sources, and is more readily absorbed by the body for this reason.

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