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    Unhappy unexpectedly sad

    Over the last few weeks, my 17 month old son has not been falling asleep during the last nursing session we've been hanging on to; i.e. the one right before bed. Last night, after he finished nursing, he turned around and started trying to watch "clueless" with me!

    I've been wanting to wean for awhile (go back on the pill, take some medications I can't take while I'm nursing), and I knew the end was in sight, but I took his wakefulness as a sign to get moving.

    So I rocked him to sleep tonight and put him to bed and he didn't cry at all. He didn't ask to nurse either.

    What I didn't expect was how sad I would feel about what is likely the end of our nursing journey. As I rocked him to sleep, I thought about our first days home from the hospital and how hard it was to get the whole nursing business going! About how we quickly got good at it and have kept it up for all of these 17 months. We've gone farther than I ever expected we would.

    I still feel so sad, though.
    I know you all will understand.

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    Big hugs to you! I bet I'll feel the same way when that time comes to our house. Some days I want to be done and some days I can't imagine it. Looking at the little baby stuff and thinking about those days makes me a little sad they are gone. Great job nursing for 17 months!!

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    I'm sure I would feel the same way too!


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    My little May baby just turned THE BIG ONE!
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    My lo and I are going through the same thing.... It is much harder on me than I though. Big hugs to you

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