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Thread: breast pumps?

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    Default breast pumps?

    I'm a soon to be mom, for the first time, and am fairly lost! I want to bf my son, but will have to return to work at some point not too long after his birth due to financial reasons. At this point, I'm considering returning part time after 3 weeks, then full time after 6 weeks. Best case is being off for the full 6 weeks, then going straight to fulltime.

    In any case, I'm trying to pick out a breast pump and am uttery lost. I need to choose an affordable model, but want one that will function well and not have too many problems. I've been reading reviews on various pumps, but haven't been able to come to a good conclusion about what will be the best choice. I did notice that some reviews on various models mentioned that they didn't work well for large-breasted women, which is DEFINITELY a concern in my case.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Major pros or cons to any kinds/models? Manual or electric? Brand? Single or double?

    I really need some help!

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: breast pumps?

    First of all, I would definitely recommend the 6 weeks off and then jump in full time. You should wait at least 4 weekd before introducing a bottle to baby to prevent nipple confusion. Not only that, but you never know how the birth will go and you will want every possible second of bonding time after your LO is born.

    As for pumps, they are an investment and you get what you pat for. I used the Medela Pump In Style and I really liked it, although I will say that I wish I would have spent the extra $50 to get the Pump in Style Advanced. I feel that since its suction is closer to the way a baby suckles, I may not have had as many supply issues.

    One thing to look into is insurance. If a pump is prescribed by your OB/GYN, some insurance companies will pay for the pump. I would definitely do your research before purchasing one out of your own pocket.

    Good luck, mama!

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    Default Re: breast pumps?

    I agree with pp on the Pump in Style Advanced. It's worked wonders. Also, check with your employer as well as your insurance company. Some employers will contribute to the purchase of the pump.

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    Default Re: breast pumps?

    I also recommend the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. You can purchase different shield sizes if the standard size does not work. I found the pump was cheaper to purchase online (www.lactationcare.com) than it was to buy at our local store.
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