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    Sometimes I wonder if my baby just isn't sucking hard enough. He's 7 weeks old. In the beginning he sucks well for a few minutes then seems to go to a lighter suck & falls asleep. Does that mean he's not getting much & gives up after while?

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    how are his diapars.. wets and poops?
    and weigth gain? call your local lll leader they can help you!

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    Hi there!
    Congratulations on your new baby! How has his weight gain been?

    Here is an article that can help you determine if he's getting enough to eat:

    It's pretty normal for babies to have a strong, rhythmic suck at the beginning of a nursing session when the let-down is the strongest. You may find that his suck isn't as powerful as it continues. However, if you think he needs to be nursing longer during a session, try breast compressions:

    1. Make a "C" with your hand and use it to support the breast with the thumb on the underside of the breast.

    2. Any time he stops suckling, gently squeeze the breast. This will usually result in his starting to suckle again.

    3. When he starts to suckle again, let go. When he stops, gently squeeze again. Repeat, rotating your hand around your breast.

    4. When the compression fails to stimulate suckling, burp him and offer the other side. If he's still not interested or stays asleep, then he's probably full enough.

    Hope that helps!
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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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