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Thread: Scalding Breastmilk

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    I am pretty sure the answer is here somewhere. I am confused on this whole scalding thing. Am I putting the milk in a bottle and then boiling it in a pot OR am I just putting the mik directly in the pot? How long am I letting it boil/scald? Is this okay to do once milk has already been put in the refridgerator?

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    Its better when done fresh, but you do what you can. The reason for fresh is that the lipase begins to break down the milk fats immediately. Do you know for sure you have a lipase problem?

    Scalding is getting your milk up to 160-170 degrees for 15 seconds. I used a bottle warmer and just tweeked the amount of additional water added to the machine to get the required temp. You'll need a thermometer and some patience to figure it out.

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    Depends on what will work best for you.

    You could put it directly in a pan - but I found this very difficult and it was easy to scorch the milk.

    You could put water in the pan, have the milk in a bottle, and then heat it that way and check the temp. with a digital thermometer.

    Or, like pp suggested, and is what I do as well - use a bottle warmer add additional water in there and then your milk is in a bottle and you check the temp. with a digital thermometer.

    You can go to 145F and keep it there for one minute... or wait to 160 and wait for 15 seconds. (The temperature will keep going up).

    Best of luck to you. If you have more questions ask away!

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