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Thread: Nervous about Co-sleeping!!

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    We had never planned to co-sleep. We had a cot and a portable cocoon for the boy so he had his own sleeping arrangements, but the moment we got him home we didn't want to put him down. Sometimes he would nap in a carseat or stroller but for the first few weeks no place was better than his Daddy's chest or over his Grandma's shoulder. He was fine sleeping solong as he was being somehow held.

    Daddy was very nervous about co-sleeping originally, because he tends to move around in his sleep, but I tend to both sleep lightly and not move about so I have never been nervous about it. It didn't take long before Daddy was asking to hold the boy in bed, or suggesting that I leave the boy with him to have a nap while I do other things around the house. I found that when the boy was sleeping on my chest, he acted like a good little alarm clock, waking me up every 3-4 hours.. like clockwork.

    Now he co-sleeps with us if he's being really fussy, but on good days I can settle him in his cot and he'll rest for up to 5 hours. The cot is right next to the bed so I use a thin pillow folded in half in a half width pillowcase as a baffle between him and the bars of the cot so he won't ride up against the bars or wedge an arm or foot in the tiny gap between the mattress of the bed and the cot.

    I get the impression my midwife disapproves of co-sleeping (probably due to the SIDS risks associated with loose bedding and the like), while at the same time she is trying to be supportive of our choice, saying that research now tells us that children who co-sleep do not end up dependent and spoilt as people used to say, but rather grow to be more secure and confident people than children who do not share a family bed.

    My advice is go with your insincts.
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    I was strongly against cosleeping, but I am definitely pro sleep. Pro sleep won out against anti cosleeping.[/QUOTE]

    Amen! We are pro-sleep as well. i don't sleep as well when LO is in bed with us, so I put him in his bed when he will. but in the beginning and even occasionly now, we do what we can to get sleep, so we are pro-sleepers too! co-sleep or not!

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    I put DS on the bed with a pillow out of his arms reach on the outside of the bed, just in case he decides to learn how to roll. I put my right arm above his head and sleep on my side facing him. How can you roll over onto a baby is this position? You can't really - you're arm is stopping you. The only thing I am wary about are my blankets. I try to cover him with a little baby blanket, but tend to put my blankets over his feet.

    He takes up a lot of room in my bed, so I usually only co-sleep when DH is away for work... and I love it

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    I don't have time to read all the posts right now so I'm sorry if this is repetitive...

    Check out Dr. James McKenna's book "Sleeping with your baby" and if you go to www.nd.edu and search for james mckenna you will find the website he has and info on the sleep lab he runs at Notre Dame.

    he was my prof in college and from way back then I knew I wanted to co-sleep. It is safer than crib sleeping when done correctly. - no smoking, no drinking, no heavy pillows or blankets near the baby, no couches, waterbeds, etc.... check out his info and you will feel much better!!!

    Not only can you feel safe sleeping with your baby, and not only can it help you get more sleep, it's best for your baby too!!!

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    I put my baby (6 months) between my husband and I in our king size bed. Then, if you can picture it, I form a "U" around him with my body starting with my head next to his belly with the rest of my body curling around him. This way, he can't roll off the bed because I'd feel him rolling over me, and my husband can't roll on him because my legs/feet are in the way and that would wake him up.

    Or, when my baby and I are alone in bed, I sleep next to him on my stomach. You don't usually roll over when you are flat on your stomach.

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