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Thread: How do you know when LO wants to nurse?

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    Default How do you know when LO wants to nurse?

    We are almost here! DD is over 11 months now!

    I have no idea when DD wants to nurse. She goes to daycare and eats 2-3 bottles of EBM there. I have also noticed she is eating more solids. In the evening she really does not give me any sign that she wants to nurse. Sometimes I offer and she will (the other day I offered and she got a big smile on her face and attacked me ). Other times I offer and she does not want to nurse or will only nurse for a couple of seconds then wants down. This week we started signing milk and eat (I know, I probably should have tried this sooner).

    How do others handle this? Or are there signs I am missing? In the past she would sometimes crawl to me and pat my chest when I picked her up, and I could tell that she wanted to nurse. She really does not do this now. If I did the don't offer, don't refuse thing I am not for sure if she would nurse or not. This is kind of upsetting since in the past she has always nursed a lot.

    Any advice?
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    Default Re: How do you know when LO wants to nurse?

    Sometimes distractions during the day really affect nursing in an older baby. I make a regular habit of offering every three or so hours in a darkened room. A good suggestion I got from someone was to hang out without a top on, so they can do drive-bys! Everyones level of comfort with nudity is different, so that may not work for you. It works over here though.

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    Wink Re: How do you know when LO wants to nurse?

    I nursed my first son until he was two give or take a few months onced he became a toddler I didn't have to offer he would nurse when he wanted to. Once he started solids and other liquids he pretty much weaned himself. So if you offer and she continues to nurse I say go for it but she is probably weaning herself. I know it is probably harder for us than for them--there's a whole new world for them to crawl and or walk around to explore. Let's face it we have to let go sometime--I feel soooo used
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