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Thread: How often should I pump?

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    Default How often should I pump?

    DH and I will be going on our first "no children" getaway since DD was born. We will be gone 2 nights and 3 days. Celebrating 10 years since our first date!

    Anyway, DD will be almost 10 months. Currently, she at least 4 times and I 2 times

    Will I have to pump 6 times while away? Does it matter how often, as long as I squeeze in those 6 times?

    I'm so scared about messing up my good supply. (I had trouble with DS, but know more now.) I want to nurse past a year...
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    Default Re: How often should I pump?


    Yes, I think you should pump at least 6 times a day, otherwise your supply may decrease. I would try to follow the same schedule you currently keep, but I am sure if you are off by an hour or so, it won't make much difference. Hope that helps-

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