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Thread: 6 month old attached at the hip 24/7!

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    If solids seem to be making things worse, you can try stopping them for a while and see what happens. At this point, they are just for play and experimentation, not their nutritional value, so you can easily drop them back out of the diet.

    Is he working on teeth? That can really impact sleeping and nursing patterns.

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    He's readily accepting the spoon and interested in the new foods... I think if anything, that it's a coincidence in timing - and/or that he may be more needy at night since he's getting a change in routine (1 or 2 less BF sessions/day in exchange for solids, while I pump up a freezer supply). I just don't buy into the school of solids = more sleep... ;-)

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    Hi, I we have been giving my DS solids for 2 months now and his sleeping patterns have gotten a tiny bit better, just a tiny bit.....

    He has been having 2-3 awakenings since 3 months old and now we are down to 1-2.....

    Around 6 months he was very clingy too...now that he is crawling I have more time to myself and can ever do house chores with him following me around!!

    He still loves being in a sling....
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