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Thread: Emptying Breasts?

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    Question Emptying Breasts?

    How can you tell if your breasts are empty? I read alot on here to make sure you are emptiyng your breasts during feedings but I have found nothing that states how you tell if they are empty. My breasts are soft before nursing and after. My LO is gaining like he is supposed to but I think at times in the evening he is not getting enough. I no longer have that engorged feeling like I did in the beginning. Is this normal and if my breasts are always soft how do you tell is they are empty? Help????

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    It is normal for your breasts to get softer all the time once your supply evens out. Mine only feel full in the mornings now. The rest of the day they feel soft all the time. I think it's also common to have a lower supply in the evenings (I often do). Does your LO seem like he's not satisfied or frustrated after evening feeds? How is his diaper output? If he seems satisfied, you say he's gaining well, and you have 5-6 wet dipes a day, you're in good shape.

    Also, I don't worry about emptying the breast. Milk is produced on a supply and demand basis, so I let Haley eat what she wants, when she wants, and my body adjusts its supply accordingly. If you "empty" your breast at every feeding by expressing or pumping after nursing, it will tell your body to keep making more milk when it doesn't need to (unless you're having low supply issues; that's when you'd want to encourage your body to make more milk). If you're not having supply problems, then I'd recommend just feeding on demand and not worrying about emptying, per se. Your body will keep up with what your LO needs. HTH!
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    Default Re: Emptying Breasts?

    I posted the same thing a few months ago. My breasts suddenly weren't "feeling" full at all. And they were so soft!! I thought my supply was done for! But I'm still bfeeding and she's doing just fine. Here's a link for you.

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