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Thread: haircoloring and flu shot

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    Default haircoloring and flu shot

    its been almost a year since I colored my hair, I never did it while pregnant. Can I do it while nursing?

    Also.... does the flu shot protect my little one if i am nursing? I think she has to be 6 mths to get one.

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    You can color your hair while nursing, just don't nurse while coloring your hair

    I have no clue about the flu shot, I've never had one

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    I know several BFmom's who regularly color their hair.

    In Canada, babies have to be two years old before they can get a flu shot. Your baby is getting all of your antibodies to illness through breast milk. When you get sick often your baby gets the antibodies needed to fight it off. If you did get the shot then your body manufactures the antibodies and your baby will also be protected. I didn't get my shot with my little ones and found that when we were sick it didn't last long since breast milk on its own helps get the flu through their system quickly which also helps their immune system develop.

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    Moms shot's don't fully protect babies, that is as a replacement for a vaccine. (Having said that the flu vaccine only protects you from the 3 strains it's made for anyhow.)
    But here's a link with more info

    And yes - you can color your hair.
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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    Your breastmilk is very good at protecting your baby. Rather then getting the flu shot you can just try to avoid people with the flu & continue with a healthy diet (& of course keep breastfeeding)!
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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    Quote Originally Posted by amymarie View Post
    You can color your hair while nursing, just don't nurse while coloring your hair
    Hey, I have had to do that

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    I colored my hair why prego and while nursing.

    About the flu shot. That was my question for ped when we went Fri. He said me getting one doesn't protect DD. So she had hers that day. They have to have it twice, one month apart the first time.
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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    i will opt to take the flu shot because I am a teacher and I work with preschoolers. This will be my first time to take the flu shot. I just don't want to take any risk of getting sick. I notice that nowadays I easily catch viruses (cough and cold). It might be because of not getting enough sleep at night or getting older My DS#1,who goes to school, will also get a flu mist just to protect himself from other kids who have or will have flu. DS#2 will be 6 months next month but we have decided not give him a flu shot. DS#1 did not have a flu shot until he was past one year and fortunately he did not get sick .

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    I too was worried about dying my hair whilst feeding . A lot of the info on the web said it was safe but I still didnt feel comfortable doing it, you know how toxic they smell!

    However after a friend called me 'motherly' I had to do something, so found a lovely herbal dye. Its not henna, (used that before, too much like mud!), but didnt have much of the toxic stuff, bleach etc. And it worked really well! My hair was 'dishwater brown' and went the loveliest glossy black.

    My friend who is training to be a hairdresser said she was really impreseed with the condition of my hair afterward.Didnt keep the box so cant give you more info but here is a link to the product.

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    Default Re: haircoloring and flu shot

    I do both

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