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Thread: I need some comforting....

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    Maybe your pediatrician isn't that supportive of breastfeeding? My pediatrician congratulated me when my daughter had gained 2lbs at her 2wk checkup (6lb 1oz to 8lb 2oz). We did discuss why she might be overfeeding (colic, reflux), but she never suggested that I was doing something wrong or that the weight gain was putting my child at risk.

    I've heard that breastfed babies are often fast-gainers and then taper off later. Has your pediatrician taken this into account? Does your pediatrician think there could be a medical reason for your son's rapid gain? If not, you might want to discuss your doctor's recommendations for altering your breastfeeding with someone more knowledgeable about breastfeeding.

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    babies do gain a lot in the 1st 3 months......even more than 3 pounds sometimes.....and that is normal, after 3 months it slows down and by 6 months if they gain a pound a month your lucky!

    keep up the good work! and change doctor....you have to comfortable...

    my baby was a preemie and from 2 to 3 month checkup he gained 4 pounds!.....now he is only gaining 1.5 pound a month at 8 months old...
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    I didn't think you could overfeed with bf because if they aren't hungry they will suck less hard and just nurse for comfort. I love chubby babies. Maybe skip the formula at night and bf?

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