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Thread: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

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    My LO was also "small" at 1 year. She doubled her weight in 6 months from birth to 6 months, and then at a year, hadn't gained much from 6 months. She was gaining in height though, and is a very tall girl. Still, the doctor was concerned, but I just kept trying to give her healthy things, and good fats, etc, as others have mentioned. Now she is still small but at least over 20 pounds...but I bet you she will turn 2 and still be about 22 pounds by the looks of things. I was told by another doctor that its the overall health to be most concerned about, some babies are skinny, others are not. My LO is obviously healthy and active.

    Anyways I don't have a ton of advice, just that my LO was gaining slowly at 12 months, and now, although still small, seems to be gaining at a pace, just not as fast as others. They now say she is fine and healthy. Just to show you that someone else has a small healthy baby. Do what you can and keep monitoring it.
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    I'm a little confused by your ped's advice. I thought the recommendation for amount of milk for a one year old was around 18 oz or so a day. That would include ANY kind of milk they were getting (breastmilk, cow's milk, formula, etc.). 24 oz plus 4 nursing sessions sounds like too much.

    Anyway, I agree that some great calorie dense foods are avocado, full fat yogurt, cheese, bananas, and olive oil. I think grains can help to gain weight as well. If your LO doesn't like to drink milk, I'd keep nursing and offer other dairy products like the yogurt and cheese.

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    My dd dipped down on the growth charts at 1 year and was completely off the charts by 18mos. Our dr sent us to another dr who sent us to a nutritionist. The second dr and the nutritionist both told me to stop nursing that day....cold turkey? NO WAY!...because "nursing beyond 6mos has no nutritional value at all" I was in tears...I logged onto here and got the support I needed. After 4 months of weight checks she is finally back on the "charts" just below the 3% but hey we're on the charts so our dr is leaving us alone about it! When we were going through the slow weight gain I just kept offering her good high calorie foods. She's still very small. She's almost 23mos and weighs 21lbs 1oz. She's developing fine otherwise though so I'm not worried. As long as your lo is developing normally andhitting those milestones I wouldn't be too concerned....every kid grows in their own pattern otherwise we'd all be the same! Plus keep in mind that the growth charts most drs use are made for formula fed babies.

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