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Thread: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

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    Default 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Ashelyn had her 1 year appt today and the new Pedi (we just moved from CT to MD) is concerned about her lack of growth over the past 6 months. Frankly, I am too.

    We have been trying to give her milk for the past few weeks but she's not too happy about it. I think it's more the device than the actual milk. She only wants to chew on bottle nipples, sippy cups, straws...(teething)...and she is having terrible trouble with a regular kid sized cup (we obviously hold it for her while we try to get her to drink).

    I still nurse her up to 6 times a day - but only 3 or 4 sessions are productive. The rest of the time, when I offer her the breast, she bites (teething) or is just not interested. Problem is, she is not having many wet diapers as she should.

    She eats all types of food - and a lot of it too. Three regular meals a day (no more pureed foods).

    The Pedi told me today that Ashelyn should be getting more calories from milk (or milk mixed with formula) than from food. Food should be secondary - and we should offer her milk before her meals.

    UGH!!! I was so happy to have made it this far with nursing her...and I have no desire to stop now. I had thought she was weaning a week or so ago (prior post) but now I think it was more that she was teething - she had 2 teeth pop through last week.

    So, I am okay with nursing a few times a day and giving milk the rest of the time...but I can't get her to use anything to take the milk. I held her earlier and tried a sippy cup but she just chewed on it and drank a tiny amount, letting the rest dribble down her chin.

    I just don't know how to get it into her! And the Pedi told me she should have the equivalent of 3 ~ 8oz bottles a day! I just don't see how we are gong to do this!

    Can anyone give me suggestions as to what I can do to get her to drink from a sippy cup, straw or cup? I want to avoid bottles at this age (not that she'd take those either).

    Also - does anyone have any experience with other calorie rich liquids that I can use if Ashelyn doesn't want milk? My Pedi say to try soy milk or chocolate milk...but again, I'm not sure that taste is the issue...

    TY SO MUCH!!!

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    If you're still nursing her often, and have no plans to stop, she doesn't need anything else in place of that - kwim? as far as other foods, I'll BRB with a nice helpful link.

    What is her size now? what was it at birth and at 6 mo etc.??


    Here's a nice finger foods link .

    Here's another link that talks about the whole milk issue.
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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    When my friend's DD was having trouble gaining at that age, her ped suggested adding carnation instant breakfast drink to her milk. May want to try that - they have several flavors.

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    I have no good advice on the milk. My daughter was NOT a big milk drinker until about 17 months. Then she couldn't get enough of the stuff.

    As for the solid foods--try adding olive oil to everything. That is a calorie, good-fat dense food. Also--does she eat cheese? Have you tried giving her dairy in the form of cheese? My daughter couldn't get enough shreaded chedder cheese.

    Also--what about full fat yogurt?

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??


    My son is 13 months and actually has been losing weight. My pedi, told me to wean, but I just didn't feel that was the solution. So at my LLL meeting they gave me some great ideas that have been working. The first thing is to make a smoothie with yogurt and then I mix in some fruit. The yogurt is full fat. I also started giving him shredded cheese during the day. That way he is getting his dairy. He refuses to drink milk at all. With my first son I started him off with mostly Horizon vanilla milk and a little regular milk. Then I slowly started giving him more regular milk until he drank it without a fuss. The only problem is all the sugar in the vanilla, I don't know if I would do that again. When I introduced the sippy cup I just left it out all day. He would just play with it and then one day he knew what to do. He loves it now. He would rather have a cup than the breast I think! Hope that helps.

    Oh, very sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    I also mix milk, yogurt and some sort of fruit (like banana) and give it to him in a sippy cup. But it`s thick enough to give with a spoon also. I don`t understand. Does whole cow`s milk have more calories than bm?

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Quote Originally Posted by foreverhomeless View Post
    Does whole cow`s milk have more calories than bm?
    BM has more calories:

    Breastfeeding is the best solution to weight gain problems. I would BF before each meal since your baby likes the solids and willing to eat them anyway even if she is not extremely hungry. I used to make a high calorie drink for my son with pureed avocado, banana and EBM which worked well. Also adding some oil (I use extra virgin coconut oil but olive oil will work great too) in her vegetables can work.

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Hi Debi! So nice to see you still posting. I don't get on much. As far as your DD, could you share her stats? Chloe barely gained 1Lb from her 9 month to her 12 month and her ped is not concerned.

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    I'm having the same problem you are. My son just turned one and he only weighs 19lbs and is 29in. The Dr. is a little concerned b/c of his % of weight loss. He was in the 55% and now he is below the charts! UGH. So I feel for you b/c I'm in the same boat. I've tried Soy milk and he kind of took that and yesterday we started trying chocolate milk. The thing is my son just doens't like the sippy cup/bottle or anything like that. He won't even take breastmilk out of a cup. So really I have no advice I just wanted to let you know that I'm right there with you. I'm going to try the fruit/yougart thing.

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    Default Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    Avocado, coconut oil (avoid all oils except for coconut oil, olive oil, and butter, and butter is okay for kids!!!!), butter, olive oil, whole fat plain yogurt on potatoes/tacos/whatever else, cream (or 1/2 and 1/2) on cereals or in place of milk for cooking. Personally, we avoided chocolate milk, but encouraged her to drink it, but we weren't nursing. If you are getting 4 productive nursing sessions, then I wouldn't worry about getting cow's milk into your child, but that's just my opinion . And, I have to disagree with the physician about making milk primary--milk does not have the fatty acids necessary for brain development that you find in other foods.

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