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    I have noticed lately that my body has adjusted to my 3.5 month olds demands, which is great, cause I dont feel overly full. The problem comes though when I have to go somewhere without him. I cant pump enough. How do i get that supply increased so i can get enough EM, without going back to feeling so full i leak everywhere? OH... which brings another question, will I ever be able to go without breast pads again?~!

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    well that's a tricky one. The pump never gets as much as baby. When do you pump. First thing in the morning is best for most mommies. I only have a sing pump, so I sometime pump one breast while he feeds on the other...

    I rarely can go without the pads. It sucks sometimes, wellmost of the times. I just purchased the washable kind and I like those so much better...
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    I really like my washable nursing pads. I hardly notice them. But, I just recently put them away because I am finally to the point where there is no significant leaking when I nurse. If I leak, it's only a drop or two, and I can easily prevent it by putting some light pressure on the nipple for a minute. I think every body is different in this regard. One of my friends stops using her pads at 2 or 3 months! Other mamas I've talked to have used theirs as long as they are nursing because they just feel more comfortable with them.
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    I can understand your concerns. I'm a stay at home Mom and only pump when I'm away from Ali for more than 2 hours. I'm rarely away from her, so when I do pump, I don't get a lot out. I maybe get anywhere from 1-3 oz. at a time. It's perfectly normal to get less milk when pumping. When I pump first thing in the morning to keep my stash up, I can get anywhere from 2-5 oz. since my breasts are full from Ali sleeping through the night.

    I'm not so sure about the nursing pads. My breasts don't leak and I haven't worn pads in 2 1/2 months. HTH! :tumbsup

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    I would just get a stash in the freezer, which may take a few sessions. Then just pump when you get home after leaving baby. maybe that will keep you from leaking....I dunno I never leaked, I have to pump 5x a day for 3 bottles.

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    Unfortunately you're going to have to maintain your supply higher than what he needs by adding in extra pumping sessions every day and/or pumping after you nurse on the weekends. There's just no other way to overcome the problem that the pump isn't as good as your lo at removing milk. There are a lot of tricks to getting more out in a single pumping session, like restarting the machine everytime the milk stops flowing and using the techniques shown in this video with hand expression: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...roduction.html. You can also take things like fenugreek which work well to a certain point. But the reality is it's going to be a constant scramble to do something else to get enough milk, it's TOTALLY worth it, but it is a challenge. I've managed to avoid supplements so far, but it's definitely been a challenge to my dedication and my creativity. The gap between how much your lo removes vs. your pump only gets larger as he gets older and more efficient. If he takes to solids well like mine did you'll get a break by around 7 months, and mine now reverse cycle so supply isn't an issue anymore.

    As to the leakage, my solution to that is to nurse two at once LOL! When I nurse them one at a time I still need a cloth diaper handy, and if I NIP I constantly forget my nursing pads, I just laugh about it now.

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