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Thread: Mastitis?!?

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    Exclamation Mastitis?!?

    My 3 1/2 month old went over 12 hours without eating last night. When we got up this morning, my breasts were engorged and sore, but after feeding her and expressing, the pain on one side never subsided.I continued to feed her on that side today, more than the other. I used a heating pad for the pain and took ibuprofen, but it continues and worsens. Now the area over my nipple is red, and I'm starting to feel nauseated and exhausted. What should I do?

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    I would call your doc in the a.m. and get some meds. for me it was like i had the flu. my breast was also red in the area.
    hope you feel better.

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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    If you start feeling flu symtoms you more than likley have mastitis. I had it twice in the same month. Don't do like I did and wait to see your OB--call and see if you can get a same day appointment--because if mastitis is what you have you need to get an antibiotic.

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