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Thread: How much does your 16 week old eat?

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    Default How much does your 16 week old eat?

    For those of you who are bottle feeding, how much does your LO eat per feeding session?

    My LO seems to be healthy and putting out enough wet diapers, but he only eats 3-4 oz of EBM at a time, every 3-4 hours. It seems like so little to me.

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    Default Re: How much does your 16 week old eat?

    Hi there, my ds is 16 1/2 weeks old and my dh gives him bottles of expressed breast milk 2 days a week that I am at school. On those days, he eats 5-6 (usually closer to 5) ounces every 3 hours. He WAS sleeping through the night, from 8p to 5a, but a few weeks ago he resumed at least one nighttime feeding. Perhaps its because he's not eating enough calories during the day? At his 4 month visit last week the pediatrician said his weight gain was "adequate," when normally she says how great it is, so I don't know. I asked her how much he should eat per feeding and she said 4-6 oz, so I guess its fine.
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