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Thread: I Need Some Support :-)

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    Smile Re: I Need Some Support :-)

    Hey there Jen your still going at it? I comend you I had to give up about 2 1/2 months ago due to new meds. I wish I could have kept going. Reese is 6 and a half months old and crawling now, he has two teeth. If you still have my email address drop me a line.

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    I pump and BF.... I pump 3 times during the day and nurse on demand from 3:30 on. I hate pumping and always found that baby at breast will increase or maintain your supply. Michael has bitten me a few times. Around 6-7 months. I watch him while he nurses and when he stops, I move my breast around or stop, not allowing him the opportunity to nurse.
    I also drink lots of water and eat alot of oatmeal//
    Proud Mommy to Michael who is 3 now! Michael was nurseynursed for 2 years!!
    I did not make up this persona, but if I did, I would make myself 50 pounds lighter and 5 years younger!!!!

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