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Thread: Thawing for the first time questions

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    Default Thawing for the first time questions

    I thawed a bag of milk prematurely, and it sat warmed for an hour before my LO woke from his nap. I threw it out just to be safe, but I dont want to make the same mistake twice and waste my precious resources!!!

    Does anyone know if the milk really went bad? Could I have fed it to him or was it best to throw it out? I need to know what to tell my sitter tomorrow when I return to work.

    Also, my darn Lansinoh bag had a rip in it, and when I tried to thaw another bag, the water was all milky. When I picked up the bag, I found a tear in it. I decided to warm it up in a separate ziploc baggie.

    Has anyone ever warmed up a frozen Lansinoh bag in a bottle warmer?


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    Default Re: Thawing for the first time questions

    This site has some good info on storage.

    I tend to treat my BM the same as I would cow's milk. If I'm not sure, I give it a sniff and a taste to make certain it's good before giving to my LO. As far as the bags are concerned, if you notice a tear in it after it has been immersed in water, it is considered unsafe to use. If you notice the tear before, well, I don't know, but I probably wouldn't use it. Honestly, I have a tendency to not follow all the rules exactly as they say, but just kind of use them as a guideline, and as I said, do the ol' sniff and taste test. But that's just me. HTH

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