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Thread: Help! My Baby Is One Month Old - Still less than 1 ounce total each time I pump!

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    Default Re: Help! My Baby Is One Month Old - Still less than 1 ounce total each time I pump!

    just wanted to chime in and say that my DD is 5 months now and I still cant get more than 3 ounces in a session. I average about 2 ounces, about 1 & 1/4 from the right, and the other 3/4 from the left. (those lazy leftys) But DD is growing beautifully and still nurses great.

    I agree that you should worry less about pumping and have baby at the breast as often as possible.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Help! My Baby Is One Month Old - Still less than 1 ounce total each time I pump!

    Boy, have I been there! I remember being SO down during those first 6 weeks, and thinking to myself, "If I could only successfully pump milk, everything would be okay!" I rarely got more than an ounce when I pumped in the beginning, and I scared myself into supplementing, which I did (about 5 ounces a day or so) for about 2 weeks, and then I went back to EBF, which I have done now for about 7 months. It just took time. I still have to work to get enough milk when I pump, but persistence really paid off for me. Agree with everyone else--rest, water, and as much access to the breast as your baby wants. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Help! My Baby Is One Month Old - Still less than 1 ounce total each time I pump!

    i don't have a whole lot new to say, but i want to tell you that i feel your pain. with my 1st, i realized at 3 mo that she was starving. ok, maybe not starving, but we couldn't figure out why our happy little darling changed to a child who never seemed happy, never cooed, etc. she nursed less and less, so finally i tried giving her a bottle while i pumped. she drank 11 oz and cooed for the first time in weeks. fairly traumatic. (and i got basically nothing with pumping.)

    so with child #2, i figured around the 3 mo mark i'd have issues, but thought i'd be fine til then. well, he was 9 lb 3oz, and nurse at the hospital kept telling my it should think about supplementing him so his blood sugar levels didn't bottom out because he was such a big baby. it made me really paranoid, so finally i caved. i figured i'd have my milk in by the time i was home for a day or two and have plenty at that point and then i'd just stop the bottles then. well, i never knew my milk was in until day 5 or after when i realized that it was a different color. obviously not an abundance. since he was nursing and then being supplemented, i think it was just easier for him to get it from the bottle, and he'd suck less vigorously on me, which made for lower milk production and despite sns, constant pumping, etc, he was done nursing by 6 weeks. i was an emotional basket case at points during all of this.

    so now i'm expecting my 3rd. here's what i'm going to do this time:
    1-no schedule-i believe it to be the problem with the 1st-by 3 mo she was sleeping a long time at nights and going 3-4 hours between feedings during the day. my body just doesn't produce milk well enough to sustain a supply with that infrequent nursing.
    2-i plan to be my baby's pacifier. (a thought that i would have scoffed at with my 1st.) meaning no bottles, no pacy's etc. (at least until i'm SURE i have a good supply-and even then, very cautiously.)

    i agree with the other thoughts on the pump. it doesn't work the same as the baby, and sometimes it almost seemed counter productive to me as well. such as: i'd pump, then baby would be hungry before too long, only to come to the breast and not find much there, so i'd give it to him in a bottle, causing more of a desire for the bottle than me.

    also, if you're like me and can't bring yourself to just cut out the supplementing and see baby miserable for however long until your milk production may pick up, i've heard people who give supplements with droppers or with a little cup. this way you can really control how much or little comes out at a time (so it doesn't seem easier to get milk from the somewhere besides the breast), and the suckling needs aren't being met by a bottle, so hopefully they will want to nurse more.

    so, for what it's worth, i so feel your pain. you aren't a failure if it doesn't turn out how you'd hoped. you've already given a great start, and you are obviously committed and trying your best. there came a point when it was just so consuming to me (and really just more stressful) to keep trying than to just let it take it's course. if that happens, you can always hope for a better experience next time. (assuming you want more.)

    wishing you the best.

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