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Thread: flu vaccine and BF

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    Default flu vaccine and BF

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether it's safe to get the Flu Vaccine while nursing. My babe is 2.5 months, so he can't get the flu shot till he's 6 months. Just wondering if it's okay for me to get it...not sure whether that transfers through the breast milk.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Last year (and the year before while I was pregnant) I got the kind with no mercury in it. It is the pediatric flu vaccine (they need to give you two pediatric doses for that). I just thought since I am avoiding tuna fish since I got pregnant in order to avoid mercury (and it is one of my favorite foods) why should I let them inject something with mercury into my body? They say it is a minuscule amount in the flu vaccine but still everything that goes into my body goes into the milk little or not.

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    Default Re: flu vaccine and BF

    My peds doc told me it was safe. My baby is eight months old though, so maybe check with your doc just to be sure. HTH

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    Default Re: flu vaccine and BF

    Try the info found here
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    Default Re: flu vaccine and BF

    My doc said it was ok, and my LLL leader said that was prefferable to DS getting one.

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